—Say unto My people that the voice of the Lord is speaking throughout the land. Look not for the familiar, but for the fruit of My Spirit as it yields the harvest of the land. Do not fear the voices of this present world. Their words will not stand, but the Word of the Lord shall stand forever. The days will come, says the Lord, when many will seek My comfort, but the comfort I will provide will come out of the House of the Lord. It’s My House, the Body of Christ, that will bring My comfort to the pain and problems of this present world. The salvation of the Lord will be the healing of the nations.

—My people will stand in this hour and declare My glory before the world. The glory that I bring to My children will be the power that sustains them, even in times of trouble. I will defend the cause of the righteous and teach them the ways of the Lord, for I am not as man, My Promises are sure. They will manifest in the life of the faithful in the land. The good of the land will continually and bountifully flow unto the righteous, for they belong to Me, says the Lord Almighty.

—Stand strong on My Word, let it be your witness of wisdom and warfare, says the Lord of Host. I will bring you continually into the rich inheritance that reflects My loving grace. You will flourish in the things of the Spirit and I will allow your spiritual riches to be accompanied even by the delicacies of the land. This land is the Lord’s. I created it and those in it for My glory. Rest in My peace and My prosperity, for I am your rewarder, the God who is and is to come. Amen!