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I.M.A.G.E.  (Increasing More After God’s Expectation)

These are all of our Junior and Senior High youth.  This ministry is designed to provide a platform for our young people to Increasing More After God’s Expectation (I.M.A.G.E.).  They approach these young people with a holistic approach, focusing on spiritual, academic, evangelistic, parental honor and social perfection of our youth.  As each youth beholds their face in the mirror of God’s Word, they are daily “Increasing More After God’s Expectation.”  There are various areas and opportunities to assist our youth minister in this area.  Training and instructions will be provided for all willing to serve our generation X = extra anointed, extra ordinary and extra exciting youth ministry.

Junior Youth                       Age 11 -14 years old

Senior Youth                      Age 15 -19 years old